National Poll Shows Strong Voter Support for Public Schools

We surveyed likely voters.  Here’s what they said:

Funding for Public Schools

  • 64% think funding for public schools should be increased
  • 26% think funding should be kept the same, and only 6% thinking funding should be decreased
  • Of those who believe funding should be increased, eight out of ten would support an increase in funding even if it meant they would pay more in taxes

Public Funds for Private Schools

  • 73% agree with the statement we should NOT take away public funds from our public schools to fund private, religious, and home school education
  • 64% of voters are much less likely to vote for an elected official who supports taking away funds from public schools to give to private schools, including 47% who would be much less likely to do so

Oversight of Charter Schools

  • 65% agree that local school boards should have oversight of charter schools just like they do for other public schools since they are taxpayer funded, including 51% who strongly agree

Attitudes About Teachers and Public Schools

  • 80% are favorable to teachers in their community, including 45% who are very favorable
  • 72% are favorable to public schools in their community, including 34% who are very favorable
  • 58% are favorable to local school boards, including 21% who are very favorable


  • 68% agree that it is important that students should have easier access to technology, both in school and out, including 39% who say it is extremely important

For the Full Results

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Lake Research Partners and Chesapeake Beach Consulting designed and administered this survey that was conducted by phone using professional telephone interviewers between January 2–12, 2020. The survey reached a total of 1,000 likely 2020 voters nationwide with oversamples of 100 African Americans, 100 Latinx, 100 parents of school-age children, and 100 battleground state voters. The overall margin of error for the entire sample is +/- 3.1.