The National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC) is a champion for public schools and the more than 50 million students who attend them. It gives people in every community in the country who support their neighborhood school a voice in our nation’s capital. Dedicated to its vision to strengthen public schools and provide students with the support they need to get a high-quality education, NSBAC educates, organizes, and mobilizes advocates to secure federal policies that advance public education so students can realize their dreams.

NSBAC has successfully helped secure key federal policies including the landmark Every Student Succeeds Act, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to students who need extra support and educational equity. NSBAC also campaigns for federal policies that enhance educational equity, expand access to educational technology, and improves student well-being.

NSBAC provides national grassroots advocacy on issues important to school board members and public education.


NSBAC advocates for America’s public school children to fulfill the promise of every student and advance our nation’s democracy.

Letter From NSBAC President


On behalf of the Board of Directors for the National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC), I would like to welcome you to the work of NSBAC.

NSBAC provides national grassroots advocacy on issues highly significant to school board members and public education. NSBAC is strongly supported by a collection of state partners striving to increase resources and enhance public policies for schools throughout America. We know that investments in education today create jobs for the future by ensuring that our students will be prepared to compete in a global economy and have the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

NSBAC showcases the importance of school boards and their work to create positive learning environments for more than 50 million public school students. Addressing the enormous challenges facing our schools requires increased investments and resources as well as thoughtful leadership. Please join with NSBAC as we work hard to make America’s public schools a greater priority by giving them every opportunity to be successful in the future.

Frank Henderson

President, NSBAC Board of Directors